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Steps to Home Ownership

  • Make a list of features you are looking for in a home. Open communication with your Signature agent about your budget, needs and preferences is crucial to the process.
  •  Get pre-approved. Know your budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage with a reputable lender.
  •  Visit our website.  Your Signature agent can show you ANY home listed by ANY real estate company on MLS. You can also view our company’s current listings.
  •  Locate your dream home. Your Signature agent will show you properties that meet your criteria and budget.
  •  Make an offer!

Why Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Contact an Agent from Signature Real Estate! Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person makes. Don’t leave it to chance by going it alone!

Helpful Terms 

 Contract Negotiations: Your Signature Real Estate agent will be a valuable resource navigating the negotiation process. They will serve as a “middle man” between you and the seller and their agent. Contact should always happen between agents.

 Under Contract: You have agreed upon a price, terms and closing date with seller.

 Due Diligence, Inspections & Mortgage: During this time, you will apply for your mortgage, have a home inspection, discuss and negotiate any repairs with your Signature agent’s help. Once your loan is approved, you are cleared to close! You obtain homeowner’s insurance and set up utilities for your home.

 Closing: Once your loan is approved and your closing date has arrived, your Signature agent will accompany you to the closing of your home at an attorney’s office. At closing, you will sign your loan documents and receive the keys to your new home!


Once all the craziness is over it is time to move in and celebrate!

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